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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 30, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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president obama met with senior staff sunday, but critics say it might be too little too late. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington. tracie, good morning, is there any hope left that this can be avoided? >> well, there's hope, but there's just not a lot of it at this point. because as you said, we're now less than 24 hours away from this midnight deadline. listen to what democrats and republicans had to say over the weekend about all the finger pointing that's going on right now in washington. >> this is the old football strategy. when you get to where you want to be in a football game, you run out the clock. >> you may have strong views on obama care. and you may want to debate those. that's fair. that's what congress is all about. but don't hold people hostage. >> we are looking at about 40% of the federal workforce,
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800,000 federal workers off the job. and here's what that means to you. things like national parks would be closed. the statue of liberty and other parts all over the country, the smithsonian museum and a lot of people are happy to hear this, the irs audit office closed as well. there would be limited food inspections. the usda would still inspect meats but the fda's inspectors would be limited. also federally backed loans, that would be huge for people applying for loans. those will get delayed. social security is open. your checks may be delayed but they're still on the way. also, the health care law that kicks in tomorrow, the health changes that is still slated to happen. today, when the senate gets back in, and they're not coming back until this afternoon, this is the republicans' plan on the table. they will fund the government if democrats agree to delay the health law by one year, repeal attacks on merrill devices. and some democrats say they're open to that.
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and pay military service members. right now, almost 1.5 million of them would have to be on the job whether or not they get paid. there's a possibility of one last offer on the table before this midnight deadline. veronica. >> tracie potts in washington. tracie, nice to see you, thank you. and taking you now to southern california many questions now after a fiery crash involving a small jet. it happened at the santa monica airport around 6:20 local last night. the twin cessna was landing when it ran off the runway and hit a hangar. it was on its way to hailey, idaho. flames were available for miles away. authorities are not saying how many people were on board or talking about their conditions. the santa monica fire department told local affiliate knbc is looked unsurvivable. well the stage is set for what could be an intense encounter at the white house
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today. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu expected to deliver one message to president [, tonight be followed. he said he will tell the truth in the onslaught of smiles hassan rouhani. >> and that phone call heard around the world. for netanyahu it's nothing short of a nightmare. he believes iran's gesture, a ploy attempting to disguise his attempts to create a nuclear bomb something netanyahu has warned about for years out iran says its program is for peaceful purposes only. sledgehammers are just one weapon that inspectors could use. the others are equally less arcane than you could imagine. they i get even blow up delivery missiles, drive are tanks over empty shells or seal them with concrete and run machines without lubricant so they become
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inoperable. inspectors will be leaving for syria today. syria acknowledged for the first time it had chemical weapons following a deadly attack in august. syria's president says his government will abide bit u.n. resolution to destroy all of it by mid-2014. severe weather marked the start of fall for the pacific northwest. in oregon, the city of portland is seeing the wettest september on record forcing summer events to contend with flooded roads and high winds. the same storm system is also breaking rainfall records in washington, causing power outages that have left many people in the dark. >> for more on the severe weather here nbc's meteorologist dylan dwyer. it's so nice to see. you >> it's nice to see you, too. speaking of storms in the pacific northwest it's not unusual to get storms like this. just bizarre to get it this early in the season.
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so it is a big system for sure. but we also have this cold front that's moving through right now the ohio river valley. but watch as it kind of fizzles out. the rain are isn't going to hold out it's not going to be too much of an issue. just scattered thunderstorms. in the west, the rain is still heavy but the worst is over. now you it's going to go into a couple of rainy days especially in areas like seattle and portland where we could end up with 3 to 4 inches of rainfall. we do have high wind advisories in effect until 5:00 p.m. pacific time. and wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour. still 60-mile-per-hour gusts in the lower elevations. it's going to be messy for the next couple of hours. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peak out your window. and now austin, 64 degrees. most of the country is looking quiet. some drizzle in pittsburgh.
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minneapolis, it should top out around 82 with lots of sunshine. and for rrngs i still have allergies. you'd think getting into the fall season my allergies would go away but they're hanging on strong. >> depends on what you're allergic to. >> i have no idea. >> mold. coca-cola is the throne of the world most valuable brand. mark cuban heads back to court. and talk about a bad day at work. we're going to have details in two minutes when "early today" returns.
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welcome back to "early today." here's some stories making news right now. the retrial of amanda knox begins in florence, italy today. the one-time exchange student along with her italian boyfriend at the time are accused of murdering knox's roommate in 2007. the two were aconvicted in 2009 but acquitted. citing inconsistencies.
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the reverend jesse jackson was in over the weekend. jackson says he plans to travel to colombia in the coming days to try and retreat a war veteran. >> today, he is free to leave. but we need to cease fire. >> colombia's president tweeted that only the red cross would be allowed to facilitate a handover. milwaukee-based garden fresh foods is recalling 19,000 pounds of chicken and ham products due to possible listeria contamination. no illnesses have been reported. >> the father of a 24-year-old stabbed to death after a giant scheme is making a public plea for witnesses to come forward. this after a 21-year-old suspect was released due to lack of evidence. >> i believe that someone may
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have videotaped the incident and can help us discover the truth. i don't know how this will end. i only know that i have lost my son too soon. i will always cherish the time me and my son spent here at the game. and a woman in china fell out of her fourth floor apartment while cleaning windows and was left dangling from a third floor railing. neighbors tried to help but it took rescuers to free her. well shg, traders begin thek by weigh egg the pros and cons of a shutdown. while the shutdown concerns many the real fear on wall street is the battle over the debt ceiling. if it's not raised it could lead to the united states defaults on its debt which would be catastrophic to the economy. the billionaire owner of the dallas mavericks is heading back to court today. mark cuban heads back to court
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over trading allegations. and expect to see twitter stock. and the most valuable brand in the world is now apple. is surpassed coca-cola that been number one since interbrand began compiling their list of the best global brands. the top are apple, google, coca-cola, ibm and microsoft. 24-year-old maria schifrin uploaded this from working at her job in twi-juan. she said she sacrificed relationships for a seemingly uncaring boss. after dancing her way in the video to kanye west, you guessed it, she quit. now she plans to come back to the u.s. definitely one way to quit your job. football highlights and sports with betty nguyen. >> but which nfl quarterback has
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the most scoring passes in the first half of the season? don meredith, peyton manning or kirk warner? the answer when "early today" returns.
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all right. before the break, we asked which nfl quarterback has the most scoring passes in the first month of the season. is it don meredith, peyton manning or kirk warner?
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the answer is b. peyton manning, has 16 breaking the record of 16 which is held by meredith and warner. let's go to betty nguyen with sports. >> i actually got that right. >> let's get to "sunday night football." the patriots stayed undefeated. tom brady under pressure. but this cannon pass that you're about to see, thompson. look at that, the game, falcons met ryan with just seconds left throws for a t.d. but deflected with the pass. they win, 30-23. the seahawks beat the texans in overtime. check out this four-tipped pick. it bobbled and the seahawks get it. later, richard sherman runs into the t.d. with one shoe. over to peyton manning, the man of the morning, and the unbeatable broncos, they rallied past the eagles.
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manning has a record 16 touchdown passes in just four games. on to the steelers and vikings in lightning across the pond. roethlisberger is sacked and the vikings recover the fumble but the terrible and terrible towel, the steelers are 0-4 for the first time since 1968. vikings win, 34-27. and the new york giants got pummeled by the chiefs. 31-7. leaving the giants 0-4. tonight, the miami dolphins take on the new orleans saints. both teams are undefeated. taking you to college football, hours up usc trojans lost to arizona state 62-41. usc head coach lane kiffin was fired. pat hayden said he reflected kiffin for trying to keep this job but firing him was ultimately the right decision. >> it just became a gut feeling that we weren't making the progress that i thought we
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needed to make. that i thought we should be making. and it's going to be an inconsistency we found in our team. in baseball, marlins henderson alvarez has a no-hitter and the marlins end the season with a walk-off after the at-bat and throwing a wild pitch. and the rangers and rays have a one-game playoff monday, that being today, after the rangers win 6-2. in nascar, jimmie johnson wins dover for a record eighth time. he broke has previous tie with racers richard petty and bobby ellison. it's hit! >> another good reason to go crazy. check this out. daredevil jed corliss jumped through a helicopter through a
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six-foot wide opening that's as big as it was in a mountain in china. the daredevil said it was the carryiest stunt he's ever done. that was frightening just watching him. >> seriously, not only was it only six feet wide but i heard he was going 100 miles an hour. >> jumping from a helicopter, right. why not? and "breaking bad" comes to an end. plus tina fey's on "saturday night live." it's all next.
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good morning. and welcome back. we have a cold front moving through the ohio river valley right now. it's only 48 degrees in chicago but it is going to warm up to about 75. not too bad. 82 today, well above average in minneapolis. but we're in the 60s and 70s across the northeast. still keeping an eye on the pacific northwest but eventually, especially in seattle things will improve and even today. tomorrow, it warms back up to 84 degrees in chicago even though we're into fall now, we're still getting warm temperatures in the midwest. >> crazy, right? >> right. >> see 90s on the map, too. entertainment now, sandl s, in a frenzy. breaking bad, many tweeted in their feelings. ellen degeneres tweeted #breaking bad ends tonight. warren buffett, a
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self-proclaimed fan of the show says not even the oracle knows what will happen tonight. #crush successor. and cloudy 2 raked in $35 million. followed by prisoners with $11.3 million. rush, baggage claim and don jon. jennifer lawrence is reportedly making a special appearance in dumb and dumber to. zac efron instagramed his first pic since in rehab. hoe wrote, thank you all for your support these past few weeks. means the world to me. love you guys. taylor swift will be along i'd jeff bridges and meryl streep in the giver. and tina fey hosted the 39th season premiere of "saturday night live" this weekend where she had quite a bit of fun with hbo show "girls." >> if you're going to live with
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me, you should know i have ocd. >> i also have icd. >> cool, you're obsessive/compulsive, too? >> no, i have old cow disease it's where old cow bites you and bites the skin. that's why i have rubber hands. >> did you match "saturday night live"? i have it on my dvr, for opening night, i want to see it. i'm veronica de la cruz. this is "early today." we hope it is just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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the clock is ticking as a government shutdown looms large over washington this morning. we're breaking down the impact of a potential shutdown plus changes you can see in the disinspector if a deal is not reached. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. let's take a live look outside at 4:26. another chilly start to your day. 59 degrees right outside ou studios. let's check in with tom kaern to get a look at the rest of your forecast. good morning. the air is fresh and cool on this monday morning. under a clear sky we have june it terrorizinging in the eastern sky and a few clouds rolling in from the west. we'll have the crescent moon rising, too, but it's rather chilly in the rural areas. many locations in the 40s with patchy ground fog. watch out for that. closer to washington, our nearby
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neighborhoods are generally in the low 50s. bus stop forecast for students it at the with bus stops this morning, sun rise 7:03. should have a partly cloudy morning between now and about 8:00. we'll be in the low 50s across s in the rural areas. and then by late morning, probably around 8:30, by mid morning, we should be into the upper 50s to around 60. i'll look at the morning ahead. that's coming in a couple of minutes. a look at traffic with danella. good morning. good morning, tom. traveling in our area here is what i'm checking for folks. up to i-270 earlier road work is cleared. if you're traveling i-270 north and southbound from frederick, maryland, heading down to rockville, your travel lanes are open. speaking of the beltway, prince george's county traveling the inner loop of the beltway at arena drive all the way until about pennsylvania avenue. road work was blocking the left lane. it's claear. inner loop and outer loop clear there. over to the beltway in
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montgomery county at connecticut avenue, just in your left shoulder lane as you travel the outer loop a disabled vehicle in the left lane. they're changing a tire there. aaron and eun, over to you. 4:28 is the time. the clock is quickly ticking to a government shutdown. congress is just hours to agree to a plan wch they run out of time and money. a weekend of playing the blame game has a deal looking less likely. news 4's melissa mollet has more. melissa, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. nice to see you this morning, eun. that's right, we have about 20 hours at this point, a little less than 20 hours until this shutdown could actually happen at midnight tonight. we also note the senate will convene at 2:00 this afternoon to begin once again talking about this situation. now the house plan to delay key parts of the affordable act by one year. democrats will kill that
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proposal today, though, if they blow the deadline about 800,000 federal workers will be forced off the job without any pay. they would have it to report to work tomorrow, on taus unless that your considered eseng. they would work no more than four hours and then be furloughed. obama, of course, said he will not let this law be gutted. the exchanges are set to open tuesday morning. so tomorrow morning, early, 6:00 a.m., we'll just have to kind of see what happens today. we'll have much more information, of course, throughout the morning for you. live on capitol hill, melissa mollet, news 4. melissa, thank you. senate majority leader harry reid says democrats will kill the proposal today if they blow tonight's deadline. about 800 federal workers will be forced off the job without pay if that shutdown would happen. >> now a shutdown could be devastating to the local economy. according to "the washington post" it could cost the city
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$200 million a day. one economist says more than half of the area's 337,000 federal employees could be forced to stay at home. the tourism industry could be hit particularly hard. the smithsonian may be closed. that means the national zoo would be closed as well. now we're still waiting to hear if d.c. mayor vincent gray will succeed in protecting city workers from a shutdown. he has designated all city employees as essential to keep them on the job. the white house budget office has final say on that issue. d.c.'s attorney general says the mayor could be arrested for spending any money congress hasn't authorized even local tax dollars. we are working to cover every angle of the shutdown showdown as the deadline approaches including how it could affect your commute. more on that coming up on "news 4 today" plus the latest on the shutdown on coming up on 4:31. we want to get you up to speed on the forecast. here is tom.


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